About John L. Ritter

John will work hard as our next Lt. Governor to serve all North Carolinians. He and his family love our state.  John and his wife, Susan, were born and raised in North Carolina and they live and work in Moore County.  John is a lawyer in private practice and Susan works in mental health. They are active in their church and community. John and Susan have one son, Lucian, born in January 2018.

The North Carolina Community College System holds a special place in John's heart.  He started his path to becoming an attorney at Montgomery Community College in Troy, where he graduated in 2001. John went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earning degrees in Journalism in 2003 and Law in 2006.

In his law practice, John enjoys helping others solve problems, and strives to do so in practical and meaningful ways.  As Lt. Governor, John will seek to find ways to improve our State that will be beneficial to all North Carolinians, and in areas that will help us be Better, Stronger, and Brighter.

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