We have a foundation in our public schools on which to build and improve.  Public education is important to our state's success.  Students should be given opportunity to find their way into potential careers.  Vocational and technical education in high schools and community colleges will be of particular importance in the next twenty years as the job market will demand a skilled workforce of individuals who can get things done.  The North Carolina Community College System is a powerful economic resource for our state and must be utilized to its fullest potential.   BETTER Schools, STRONGER Workforce, BRIGHTER Future. 

North Carolina always must keep an eye toward our infrastructure.  Economic development and job creation depend on solid public utilities, roads, and overall infrastructure.  We should be prudent in our spending and careful in our approach, while realizing we must maintain this great network. BETTER Infrastructure, STRONGER Economy, BRIGHTER Future.


Everything we do should be with the rights of taxpayers in mind. We do not want to spend more money, just spend it more wisely. There is always room for improvement in that regard. BETTER Budgeting, STRONGER Results, BRIGHTER Future. 

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